Update Geen Podium, 1 november 2021 

The event took place that we have been protesting against for the past weeks still took place. Despite that the event was deemed critical and interesting, we stand by our statement that De Balie facilitated rapeculture by continuing with the event.


Rapeculture is more than sexual violence, it consists of the ideologies and values in which sexual violence can take place and perpetrators can get away with it, if not for years.


To welcome an alleged multple rapist on a horse with flowers, while shouting 'hail the king' is rapeculture. Giving the organization that did this, KIRAC, a stage is facilitating and legitimizing rapeculture.


Contracting KIRAC on the stage does not 'neutralize' rapeculture because rapeculture is still omnipresent in our society. It is not that simple. Having a workforce existing 80% out of women, or giving a stage to heavily endangered activists and Yezidi women in particular who have experienced sexual violence, also does not neutralize de Balie's accountability in rape culture.


But appareantly holding de Balie accountable for faciliting rapeculture is worse than extensively promoting rapeculture. Yoeri Albrecht said in the media that our actions are based on lies and slander; and also during the event itself our collective was mentioned in an undermining manner. There was no sign of self-reflection or any discussion about sexual violence, which ideologies and values uphold rapeculture and how we can break out rapeculture.


Therefore, we are currently working on a follow-up action and we ask other organizations and future speakers to join #BoycotDeBalie. Do not let your work, trauma or ideas be used as an argument to why organizations with dangerous thoughts should be getting a stage during another event.

Do you want to stay updated on our following actions? Leave your name and email behind down below. If there is an event you are worried about and think Geen Podium should start to organize against: inform us by sending an e-mail to info@wondacollective.com with subject line Geen Podium. 

No stage for the glorification of sexual violence. 


Cancel the event on October 27, 2021 at De Balie.

A movement has emerged to end the glorification of sexual violence. We are tired of our safety being seen as a topic of discussion by providing a platform for abusers and anyone perpetuating rape culture**.

We stand in support of the victims of sexual violence who as individuals do not have the privilege to legitimize this type of action. This is why we collectively organize. We will take action and continue to take action when necessary because we see a structural problem: namely a society that fails to offer safety and support for victims of sexual violence. 60% of sexual assault charges are dropped after being reported. Whereas most charges are not taken seriously. According to the CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek) there are 100.000 victims of sexual violence every year. In these statistics women are overrepresented (90%).*** 

We are fed up. 

The program on October 27 at De Balie includes an interview with team KIRAC that does nothing but further promote and glorify rape culture. The movie that KIRAC intends to screen at De Balie on the 27th of October, entitled “Honeypot” has previously been screened on the 8th of October in a studio setting in which KIRAC "uncanceled" Julian A, an artist that is currently under investigation for numerous instances of violence and sexual assault. 

The “uncanceling” was not just metaphorical, KIRAC in fact welcomed this person on a horse decorated with flowers and announced that he would be absolved of his acts. This was promoted in social media posts that are by now deleted. Julian A. was deprived of a stage at art institutions last year, after an investigation article was published by NRC. According to the article this person allegedly sexually abused several women.  This investigation is based on conversations and witness statements gathered from 80 people. This case is currently under investigation.

We see this event promoted by De Balie as one in a long line of instruments that minimize the impact of sexual assault and promote rape culture.

This is not the first time that De Balie has organized an unsafe event that normalizes and gives space to violence in our society. This was also the case in 2017 when during a debate it was discussed how the percentage of Muslims in our society can be minimized to 1-2% through deportation.

This is not the first time that KIRAC (Keeping it Real Art Critics)  have started a provocation for the sake of provocation and impinged on the safety of others. In 2018 their event was cancelled due to racist, misogynist, and homophobic statement they made.

We ask you to consider these actions and the promotion of rape culture through the lens of the experience of victims of sexual violence. We ask you to consider how it must feel to have De Balie as a stage where organisations that "uncancel" alleged rapist are giving a podium. 

This is why we ask you to call on De Balie to not give rape culture a stage. Our collective  safety and that of victims of sexual violence are not up for debate! We will hand over this statement with the names of those who have signed the statement (without contact details)

1800 people signed this letter.*

* We change this number manually to prevent double signing. 

** Rape culture represents a society in which rape and other forms of sexual violence are seen as common and ubiquitous. This form of patriarchal violence is not seen as a problem in a rape culture. For example, by glorifying offenders and offering them a platform, and allowing them to continue their career. This leads to the normalization of harassment, threats of sexual violence and acts of sexual violence and directly affects the safety of women, communities of color, and specifically women of color.

*** These figures are distorted because no attention is paid to people with a queer identity, who are extra vulnerable to sexual abuse.


This is an initiative by