Now is the time for action: putting aside and 'ignoring' these kinds of manifestations is a luxury we cannot afford. On the contrary: 'ignoring' has resulted in organizations like these being increasingly legitimized by platforms such as De Balie and thus given the space to glorify, discriminate or intimidate.

Resistance is usually not welcomed with open arms and can lead to intimidation tactics, especially if someone speaks out as an individual.

For this reason, it is important that we do not stand alone, but act collectively and can count on the support of everyone who has previously spoken out against sexual violence. We would therefore like to ask that you do not stop at signing this letter, but, where possible, join us with our actions.

Not everyone enjoys the same degree of security in our society. We therefore specifically call on white men, CIS men and white CIS women not to stop at signing this letter, but to join our actions physically and stand in the front line.

Please note: after registering via this form we will contact you by telephone. After a short conversation we will share some more information about the planned actions. This is for our safety.

Naar aanleiding van je aanmelding zullen wij telefonisch contact met je opnemen.